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Flytec Connect 1

  • Altitude and climb/sink indication in unsurpassed Flytec quality
  • Smart software updates notify when a software update is available and updates instrument without a computer
  • High contrast LCD optimized for readability in direct sunlight
  • Glove friendly touch-screenand primary function buttons
  • Virtually unlimited flight recording, waypoints and airspace definitions
  • Competition route
  • Optimized route
  • Customizable user pages pages
  • Graphic airspace display provides navigation around restricted airspace on cross-country flights
  • Easy connection to computers (Mac, PC, Android, Linux, etc.) without any drivers
  • WiFi connection allow for upload and download of files directly from the instrument
  • New functionality added monthly

What's Included

Protective carrying case
Micro USB cable
SD card
USB charger

Optional Accessories

Universal or standard HG bracket
Quick disconnect PG riser bracket
HG and PG airspeed sensor
Acrylic face cover
HG Instrument pod

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