SkyRunner Carbon Optic

SkyRunner Carbon Optic
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The Design
Production started on the SkyRunner in 1998 and the design has remained consistent.  This helmet is great for beginners and advanced pilots looking for simple but high quality construction.

The SkyRunner helmet is built using the same technology found in military applications, including high-modulus fiberglass and high-density polystyrene to guarantee the highest possible standards of safety.

Visors are sold separately for the SkyRunner and are available in four different styles.
All visors come with anti-fog coating and have full UV protection.  Visors are available in four styles:
  • Clear
  • Blue Tint
  • Brown Tint
  • Mirror* 

The are 5 available sizes for the SkyRunner from 56 cm to 64 cm.
  • Small (56 cm)
  • Medium (58 cm)
  • Large (60 cm)
  • Extra Large XL (62 cm)
  • XXL (64 cm)
The size of the helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.
The size number corresponds to the head circumference around the temples.  We recommend using a metric cloth tape and recording in centimeters.

No interchangeable internal padding
Sorry, this helmet has a fixed internal padding that can't be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces, thus varying the helmet size.  Nevertheless the padding is very comfortable.

Certification E.N. 966
The 4fight model has been tested by the Italian laboratory CSI a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport and recognized by the German TUV. 

All our helmets are designed especially for free flight and micro light pilots, in accordance with the European standards (EN 966).

Our helmets were designed and built specifically to be as light as possible. However they optimize safety for hang glider, paraglider and micro light pilots, as shown by the information above.

For more information about the E.N. 966 test please read the Icaro website page about safety.

  • Helmet 670 grams +/- gr. 50 
  • Visor 120 grams 

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